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Activity Tool Box for the Creative Kid

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a parent. My 3 year old little Oliver Jack says 20 amazing and cute things every day. He gives the best snuggles.  And I knew going into it, that it would be hard. Everyone says parenting is hard.

I just didn’t understand all the ways that it is hard.  Sure, sleepless nights, diapers..yadda yada.  I had no idea I would spend a significant part of my day trying to negotiate with an unreasonable tyrant.  And thinking “this is SO HARD!” “Why won’t he just take a nap?”  “Stop making messes!”

The Solution

Redirecting Oliver’s behavior in a positive direction can be difficult.  My first instinct is to just say “stop that” and “don’t.”   But every time I take a deep breath , give my self a mini pep talk,  and then actually take the time to guide his behavior in a positive manner, it works out far better.

Which is why I started compiling a basket of positive activities for him to do when he is in an especially mischievous mood.  I added paint, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, play dough and flash cards. But very quickly this basket became a “hot mess” of chaos sitting on top of my fridge for all to see.  It bugged me every time I looked at it..

So I found these awesome little stackable caddy organizers on amazon to create the perfect activity tool box for my creative kid. (Disclosure: affiliate link above. {JUST TRYING TO SUPPORT MY FAMILY}).

I love having all of these activities in one place.  Its so easy to pull this out when I need that positive direction and say, “which activity do you want to do?”

This is my favorite mommy hack to date.  And the best part is that eyesore on top of my fridge is a distant memory.

These organizers are awesome because they stack together and you can even get a rolling cart bottom. I think my office/craft room needs a few.

For all you parents out there, I hope this idea helps you get a few more moments of peace, it has for me.